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Home Staging for Owner-Occupied Homes

Transform key spaces of your home so a buyer can envision themselves as the new owner.

IDNE specializes in helping homeowners declutter, depersonalize and beautify their spaces, so online listings grab attention and in-person showings result in offers.

Our Process

Phone consultation — We offer a free phone consultation to discuss your home staging needs and scope of the project. We’ll cover the basics and answer all of your questions, so we’re crystal clear on expectations (timelines, pricing, etc.)


In-person “Walk & Talk” — We schedule a two-hour consultation to go over each room you’d like to stage in your home. I’ll get a thorough understanding of the spaces, take measurements and give suggestions for updates.


During the "Walk & Talk", we’ll cover:


* Features of the home to highlight for photographs and showings

* Items to store away, donate or get rid of (completely up to you)

* Punch list of cosmetic fixes like painting or small repairs

* List of recommended vendors for interior and exterior updates

* Shopping list of accessories and decor to create inviting, desirable spaces


Half-day staging: 4 hours.      Full-day staging: 6-8 hours

We work alongside you to prepare your home for professional photographs and in-person showings that will appeal to your prospective buyers.


You want to sell your home as soon as possible, right?

Of course you do! It’s what every homeowner wants when they put up a “for sale” sign.


Nobody wants their home to sit on the market for months. This compromises the asking price quickly turning into a race to the bottom with frugal buyers.


When your home sits on the market, it puts your life on hold.


* Re-location to a new job or city is delayed indefinitely

* Paying taxes on a property you don’t live in anymore (or trying desperately to vacate)

* Lowering the price way more than necessary, just so you can move on with your life.

Preparing a Home For Sale

Have questions about staging your home?

Home Staging for Vacant Homes

Breathe life into your vacant spaces so buyers can see the possibilities


Empty spaces for home buyers are like blank pages for writers — they cause mental blocks for the imagination. Professional staging allows your prospective buyer to see what’s possible by giving proper context:


* Spatial and organizational aspects of a room

* Possible layouts for furniture and accessories

* Color schemes that are warm and inviting, rather than blank and empty

* Welcoming environment nurturing their desires and hopes for living there.


We select furniture, decor and accessories that compliment the style and luxury level/size of the home.  We arrange delivery and organize the destaging process. Our aim is to work within your budget and timeline to prepare your home for professional photographs and in person showings. When a home is professionally staged,  the buyer can imagine a lifestyle enriched with visions of family gatherings and lasting memories.

What you can expect from your free phone consultation:


* Discussing your needs and answering questions

* Determining your goals and timelines for completion

* Clear pricing guidelines for my home staging services

* Scheduling an in-person walk-through if you’d like to move forward


*Professional photography services available upon request*




AIRBNB Staging Services

We now offer staging and design of your AIRBNB listing. Let us create an inviting and comfortable space to host guests. A well designed space will guarantee good reviews and positive recommendations.


Home Staging Video Library

If you’d like more education and info, take a look through our video library! These quick videos will give you a basic understanding of home staging, why it's important, and how it works


What Every Seller Should Know About Home Staging

Partnering For Success

Home Staging Videos
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